Συντήρηση, αναβάθμιση & Πιστοποίηση Ανελκυστήρων & Ασανσέρ Αθήνα

Domestic Elevators

Want to place an elevator in the building, the house, the cottage? We have the perfect proposal …

Συντήρηση Ανελκυστήρων φορτίων - Express Lift

Freight Elevators

The Express Lift with hoists, hoists and systems PARK LIFT for parking.

Συντήρηση κυλιόμενων διαδρόμων σε ανταγωνστικές τιμές - Express Lift

Escalators and walkways

EXPRESS LIFT undertakes the supply and installation of escalators and corridors …

Συντήρηση ανυψωτικού σκάλας σε ανταγωνιστική τιμή - Express Lift

Lifting Scale Systems

The forklift scale systems  (STAIR LIFTS) are intended to serve persons with disabilities


Machine room-less elevators (MRL)

The elevators without machine (MRL: machine roomless) of EXPRESS LIFT is the ideal solution for buildings without engine room …


High Rise Elevators

EXPRESS LIFT depending on the use, movement and characteristics of each building (multi-storey buildings, office buildings or shopping centers) …

Elevator Maintanance - Express Lift
  • Patrikalakis Erieta
    We have worked on many building projects with the Express Lift, which commissioned the installation of elevators. In any case, the company was fully consistent schedules we set, delivering high quality and aesthetic products _
    Patrikalakis Erieta
    ΚΛΙΜΑΚΑ ΑΤΕ - Architect
  • We choose the Express Lift, why has technologically advanced products at competitive prices. Until today the Express Lift has installed more than 30 lifts in our projects operated flawlessly since and after sales service is very good! _
    Giannakopoulos Mark
    TRITOXO.EU - Civil Engineer
  • We assigned the maintenance and technical support of the elevator in our building Lift Express expansion and we are completely satisfied. The technicians of the company is always consistent - polite and willing to solve any problems occur _
    Thomopoulou Dimitra
    Apartment Block Manager
  • We work more than 20 years with the Express Lift, o why until today we stand firmly and choose Express expansion Lift lifts for our projects is consistency, immediacy and credibility of the company for each project undertaken _
    Efthimiopoulos Thomas
    Emenergy Engineering - Electrical Engineer
  • At all stages of our cooperation, communication and quality of service were spotless. 10 years later, we are completely satisfied with the operation of the lift. So far we have set up the company in 3 friends who are also pleased _
    Peter Petrou

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