Elevator Certification


The initial verification and certification of lift ensures the required level of safety for the user. Basis of the European Directive 95/16 EC and standards Epistopoiisi_2N81.2 – EN81.2 which harmonized the Greek legislation with Gov. 2604V/2008, all lifts must be certified and even rechecked periodically so as to ensure their safety. It is estimated, however, that a large number of lifts in Greece operate without the required certification and therefore without the necessary safety. This unfortunately is verified by the increase of accidents in our country.

Inspections of elevators relating to conduct initial and periodic audits to ensure the safe and smooth operation. The checking that the lifts of Independent Notified Body Control is a formal law of Greek State, in accordance with the relevant Ministerial Decision (GG 2604V/2008)

According to Gov. 2604/V/2008:

New elevators installed in buildings with a building permit after 01/07/1999 are subject to the provisions of European Directive 95/16/EC and standards ELOT EN 81-1, 2/1998 (required marking CE)

Elevators operating legally licensed before 1980 required to be certified until 31/12/2010.

Elevators operating licensed (or a pre-approved facility) after 1980 required to be certified by 31/12/2011.pistopoiisi_2

Elevators operating undocumented legitimacy required to be certified until 31/12/2012.

Note that all lifts certified, should be re-tested periodically by a Notified Certification Body every 1-6 years depending on the use of the building.

Wherelift that operates without the necessary certificate of inspection under severe penalties.

The audit and certification of the elevator by a Notified Body Control Officer (ESYD) ensure the required level of security and reduces the risk of accidents. During the certification check all critical systems security and ensure your lift any deficiencies and deviations from current regulations to restore.

Each administrator must verify the existence and validity of the certificate of lift. If for some reason there is no marking on the elevator car or do not find the certificate of your lift, visit the PPC in your area or the competent department of the municipality and displaying account the tenancy, ask for a copy.

The Express expansion has Lift Certification Department, staffed by qualified engineers in order to undertake the completion of the certification process for each type of lift, in cooperation with the most reputable inspectors. We maintain a computerized database containing the status of each elevator maintained by our company and inform whenever our customers the expiry of their licenses.

The award of certification of your lift in our company simplifies the process for you – ensure the required level of security for users, and legal operation of your lift.

Contact us now, and learn from our expert engineers for certification and safe operation of your lift!